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Design the future of society

We want our products and activities to contribute positively to the environment and people’s quality of life. This purpose energises us for the future and we’re engaging all our stakeholders – employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders - on this journey.

Sustainable thinking drives the way we develop solutions that benefit people and the planet over the long-term. We’ve adopted a closed loop circular design model, applying Cradle to Cradle® principles to support the development of a circular economy. Everyone plays a role in achieving our 2020 environmental targets – from eco-innovation in products, responsible use of resources, to industry reuse and recycling projects.

Social responsibility at Tarkett means focusing on our people and communities. Beyond making Tarkett a safe and fulfilling place to work, we enable employees to dedicate some of their work time and talent to volunteer for local projects and charitable initiatives, through the Tarkett Cares program.


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